TECHMANN Industrial & Engineering has been operating for over 12 years in the execution, implementation and maintenance of industrial projects and systems, focused on improving and increasing production capacity, equipment & machinery safety, infrastructure, environment and human resources.



Provide solutions in projects, installations and maintenance meeting customer expectations, the growth of our company and our employees.


Eyesight: Obtain and consolidate the recognition of customers, employees and society as a company that is technically and socially committed to what it proposes to do.



Act by developing an ethical and socially responsible culture; Promote improvement and continuous learning in all processes, developing self-sustainable practices, creating and maintaining a motivating and growth work environment; Promote people, valuing positive actions and thoughts, transparent dialogue and entrepreneurial participation.


We work with projects, installations and maintenance of the following systems:

Civil Engineering

  • infrastructure
  • Polls
  • Earthworks Project Road
    • System Hydraulic supply, drainage        systems.
  • Building Foundations
  • Building finishing Reforms and readjustments



Automation, mechanical and electrical engineering

  • infrastructure installations and maintenance of electrical and mechanical equipment, Instrumentation and automation, Grounding and SPDA. 
  • Lighting, communication and data.
  • NR10 - reports, projects, training and readjustment of facilities.
  • Technical and economic feasibility studies for projects.
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Fire prevention and fire fighting engineering.


  • Integrated fire prevention and fire fighting systems composed of fire hydrants, sprinklers, clean agents, smoke and gas detection systems, alarm systems.
  • Projects for compatibility and standardization of projects under the category of security.
  • Analysis of facilities conformities and perishing.



Integrating Engineering Solutions


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