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Trends in civil engineering for 2020 

Focus on sustainability we know that we are increasingly trying to reduce damage caused in the environment and renewable energy is one of the innovations most chosen in the Brazilian market, use of solar panels increased 560% in the last two years here in Brazil. But there are other sustainability alternatives such as: Cisterns for rainwater collection and storage, vertical gardens to regulate the internal temperature and ecological bricks, among others.


Uso de drones

We know that drones are increasingly gaining space in the market, engineering is also gaining, measuring in difficult to reach places and in the commercial part also capturing images and videos of the works.

What does the acronym Cmar mean?


gla means control of finishing and coating materials.


What is it for?

CMAR serves to provide more security for buildings and their inhabitants. There are standards that require the control of materials and coated finishes, they are: Floor Walls and partitions Ceiling and ceiling Coverings

What are these standards?

NPT 010-11 which is about finishing and coating materials, mentioned in the topic above and NPT 014-11 which talks about delimiting areas of risk and fire loads in buildings. Buildings with an area less than or equal to 1,000 m² and a height less than or equal to 9.0 m in groups / divisions: A, C, D, E, G, F-9, F-10, H-1, H-4, H-6, I, J.





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