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Civil Engineering

Survey Locations

Earthmoving Project

Road System

Drainage networks (rainwater / sewage)

Building Foundations / Equipment.

Automation Engineering


Calculation Memorials

Integrated Flowcharts with Process

Installation Projects

Mesh Projects and Control

Panels Technical analysis.

Project management

Cost Control

Planning Supplies and logistics

Quality Construction management;

Contracts (physical and financial advances)


Safety engineering

Compatibility and standardization of projects in terms of security.

Analysis of facilities conformity and expertise.

Mechanical Metal Industry


We produce machines, equipment, parts, assembly, cut alazer, bending, welding and plant of special parts.


Electrical engineering

Communication and Data

Calculation Memorials

Technical analysis

Verification of Supplier Drawings (VDF)

Quantitative Spreadsheets.


We select the best professionals to compose our team! All are certified in courses in mechanics, electrical, construction and more. In addition, one of our main values ​​is to serve customers with excellence! All this commitment guarantees the success of our company and also our growth.



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